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A warm smile would cross Lilly’s face, as she heard the soft tingling sound of someone entering her cafe over the sound of the slow, warm music playing over the speakers. Her hands folded over the counter in front of her, as she heard the other approach the counter, a wide, genuine smile playing across her face and tugging slightly at the corners of her still-closed eyes.

"Welcome to the Music Box Café! How may I help you today?"

Lilly sat upon the seat that had been indicated to her, her cane retracted and resting against the chair. Her legs were crossed in a quite lady-like fashion, long, pale fingers curled around the still steaming cup of tea she’d been given by her friend.

She couldn’t help but find herself nodding along to the rhythm that Ibuki was playing- perhaps not her style, considering she was generally more fond of slower songs- But she had to admit that it was quite catchy, and more than bouncy enough to keep her attention without issue.

A wide smile crossed her face as the other finished, and she would incline her head in a clear show of thanks, her blonde hair bouncing slightly with the motion.

"That was excellent, Ibuki! Might I ask the name of the song, again?"

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"O-oh! Um, okay, sure."

He smiled brightly; like her, he felt better knowing he was working with someone he had met at least once before. And she was the owner, too!

"This seems like a nice cafe! I hope I’ll do well and won’t disappoint."

"Thank you! And I’m sure you will do just fine, Kiyoshi. Now… Should I show you how to prepare some good tea?"

That seemed like it would be important- training her employees. Especially seeing as he admitted to not having much experience in the field at hand…



"Ms. Satou! I didn’t know you worked here! O-or… Or do you run it?"

This was exciting! At least he knew someone here! The young man brightened; maybe things weren’t going to be so bad, after all.

"I’m the owner, yes! And, please- just Lilly. I’ve never been one for formalities."

She was quite happy to have someone she knew working with her. It would make the job quite a bit easier, she figured.


"Might I ask whom you are speaking to?" Kaiki remembered this girl from awhile back and remembered that she couldn’t see. 


The blonde paused, before holding up the cellphone resting on the table before her.

"Ah, I was on the phone… Your voice sounds familiar, however. Might I ask who you are?"

"That was quite a bit of work, but… It’s done now."

"I almost feel as if I could sleep for a month now, however!"

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